The package-Includes


All of our surgeries come with a 3 month free corrective re-operation guarantee,  for complications caused directly by our surgeon or hospital.  This guarantee excludes flights and accomodation and guarantee is at the complete discretion of Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery.


All your transfers by private car between airport, apartment , consultant and hospital.
The number of nights specified in our surgery pricelist at a luxury one bedroom apartment

Before your admission:

(a) Pre-operative assessment before admission, if necessary; During your hospital stay:
(b) Hospital accommodation and meals;
(c) Nursing care and facilities;
(d) Theatre fees, drugs and dressings;
(e) High Dependency Unit and/or Intensive Care Unit if required;
(f) Consultants’ fees for the operation and a two follow up consultation if necessary.
(g) Prosthesis;
(h) Imaging, physiotherapy, pathology and histology;

After your discharge:

(i) Take-home drugs for up to five days after discharge and antibiotics for the prescribed period;
(j) Removal of stitches, dressing or plaster if required.

2. Excludes

(a) Diagnostic tests or services received prior to your pre-operative assessment or admission, whichever is first;
(b) Convalescence and treatment provided after your consultant has advised that you are fit for discharge;
(c) Personal costs such as telephone, alcoholic drinks, newspapers and visitors’ meals;
(d) Medication prescribed after you have been discharged from the hospital subject to condition 9;
(e) Ambulance fees;
(f) Any cost not specified as included.


3. Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery reserves the right to refuse the admission of a patient for any reason.

4. We aim to offer all patients their first choice of admission date, however we reserve the right to determine the date of admission of the patient and, if necessary, change the date of admission. Prior notice will be given, whenever possible, should the admission date need to be changed.

5. Costs incurred that are not included in the package price will be charged at the hospital’s standard rates.


6. The decision as to whether you are fit for discharge rests with your consultant. Should you wish to stay in hospital after you have been declared fit for discharge, the hospital’s standard charges will apply and will be have to be settled before discharge.

7. If you discharge yourself against the advice of your Consultant no further services will be provided as part of the package.

8. No refund will be given if you leave the hospital earlier than expected.


9. The package price covers the cost of any related health conditions or complications that become apparent within 90 days of discharge from the hospital following the procedure, provided:
(a) Such conditions or complications are treated at the hospital; and
(b) That you have followed the advice of your consultant and other medical professionals involved in your treatment. The decision as to whether a condition or complication is related to the procedure rests with Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery. 

10. If the cosmetic result of your surgery does not match the consultant’s expectation, revision surgery will be provided free of charge, providing this is identified by the consultant to the hospital within 90 days of your initial admission.

11. If the cosmetic result of your surgery meets the consultant’s expectation, any revision surgery will be chargeable at the prevailing rates by the Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery and consultants.

Written quotation

13. The quoted price for the package is valid for a period of 60 days from the date of issue. A booking for the surgery must be made within this period.

14. The quotation is subject to change depending on the results of any pre- operative assessment where any known medical condition was not brought to our attention.

Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery reserves the right to withdraw the quoted price at any time prior to surgery.

Consultants’ fees

15. All consultants are employed by Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery

16. The consultants’ fees for the operation and a follow-up consultation are included in the quoted price.


17. Payment must be made in full prior to admission. The Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery reserves the right to refuse admission to a patient who has not paid in full.

18. Payment may be made by transfer to Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery’s nominated banks account or by cash.


19. Surgery that is cancelled on the day of surgery by the patient changing their mind, there will be no refund of the payment made