Pre Surgery Instructions

1- Do not take any Aspirin or products containing Aspirin such as: Ibuprofen or Advıl.  Do not take any Vıtamın E  tablets or gel caps for 10 days before or after your surgery.

Aspiriın thıns the blood and so can cause bleedıng and extra bruısıng.  Paracetemol maybe taken safely.

2- Do not smoke for 10 days before or after your surgery. Smoking has a direct effcet on wound healing.  This is especially imortant if you are having Facelifts, Breast Reduction or Tummy Tuck.

3- Do not drink Alchohol for 7 days before or after your surgery.

4- The nıght before surgery do not eat or drink anything after midnight through to the morning of surgery.  The only exception is any medication that your GP recomends you take with a small sip of water.

5- On the morning of your surgery please shower with normal wash. Do not apply any creams or deodorant.

6- Please wear comfortable clothes on the day of surgery.  wear flat shoes. Do not wear any akeup, nail polish, false nails, jewelery.  Also please remove all body piercing,s

Th above guidelines are for for safety so try and follow them as much as possible.